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Leonardo on Wheels

Creating partnerships between Utah teachers and professional and amateur astronomers. The Leonardo on Wheels is the outreach program for The Leonardo at Library Square, bringing art, culture and science exhibits and programming into schools and communities across the state and region.

Science Friday

Living Planet Aquarium

Science Friday: Making Science Radioactive with host Ira Flatow The Aquavan is an aquarium-on-wheels
introducing Utah students to
life under the sea.


The Childrens Museum
of Utah

Fostering environmental knowledge, skills, attitudes and actions through statewide education programs Providing chemistry outreach education programs to Utah schools

Red Butte Garden

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education

Bringing the Outreach GrowLab Program to Utah Schools
The Grow Lab Program serves Utah's 2nd grade teachers and students and is designed around the quick growing Brassica rapa that goes from seed to seed in 40 days.
Using the Colorado Plateau as an outdoor classroom, Four Corners School is dedicated to educating people of all ages and backgrounds about the need to preserve the natural and cultural resources primarily in the Southwest, and also around the world.

Tracy Aviary

Tracy Aviary fosters caring for the natural world, enriching and transforming lives through our connection with birds.

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